It is hardly possible that a guitarist, be it a beginner or a serious musician, would not have heard about Taylor. A pioneer in the music world, Taylor has always satisfied their customers with guitars of impeccable quality and feel. However, their “quality without compromise” always used to tend more towards the expensive side. With the Taylor 114CE, they have simply knocked the ball out of the park with its quality in a wildly affordable price. Let’s break down the Taylor 114CE review and see.

Here are the things you need to know :

  • Naming – The first 1 stands for the 100 series which is, by the way, one of the series that gives amazing quality guitars at a less steep price. Then the 14 represents the model number whose shape and design is based on the grand auditorium concept. The CE is the abbreviated version of cutaway electronics where cutaway refers to the open Venetian style and electronics that pays tribute to the pickup system involved in the design.
  • Design – This category of the Taylor 114CE review talks about the outside pattern of the 114CE. Let us first talk about how the guitar feels and looks in your hand. The 114CE is just the perfect size with its long neck made out of mahogany and the comfortable grain of the spruce covering. The neck of the guitar is armed with 20 frets made of elegant Tusq bone nut and the pearloid dots in between the frets. The fingerboard is accompanied with a neck sapele (in the bolt-on construction concept that has been seen in every Taylor guitar so far). The sapele and the grain compliment each other in the outward appearance as well as make things easier for the player. The guitar is composed of three main components – a tortoise pickguard, a robust spruce head and the sapele lamination in the back and sides – all of which are resistant to wear and tear even after many hours of continual strumming and usage.
  • Hardware – The pickup system that has been incorporated in the guitar is the ES-T pickup system from the Pure Expression Taylor series. This system has designed the strings in such a way that the player can control each and every sound that comes from the guitar. The headstock made of Tusq bone saddle is the base for six die-cast tuners which are closed in nature. You will understand the importance of these tuners when a small adjustment is done and you can feel the powerful change in the sounds. In spite of the dominant laminated woods, the 114CE allows you to create different sounds, all varying from the top to bottom of the creative musical spectrum. You do not get the luxury of an onboard tuner but you can explore your musical creativity even if you are a pro at playing the guitar with the Taylor 114CE. The one little con in this Taylor 114CE review is that it may be a bit heavy for you to haul around in long distances.
A Review of One of the Finest Guitars – the Taylor 114CE