For all the homeowners who want to feel secure at night, the Stack-On PDS-1500 drawer safe is a popular choice. It has been designed very ergonomically and has the perfect size to fit inside the drawer. It is a gun safe that one can keep in their nightstand drawer to defend the home during any situation. This drawer safe can hold a vast majority of conventional handguns, one at a time and it comes with an electronic lock guarded by PIN password. Even after stacking a gun, the safe has enough space to hold ammunitions and important documents.

Size, weight, and looksStack-On PDS-1500

The Stack-On PDS-1500 drawer safe weighs around 12.8 pounds which is quite lightweight so that the drawer channels can hold on to its weight. Though it is light in weight, it is till now the toughest box available with compact dimensions of 13.1×9.7×6.3 inches. It is pretty much ideal for the purpose of defending and safekeeping of the gun at convenience. Moreover, the box also comes with mounting accessories that allow you to fix it to a solid surface for easy reach.

The neat and modern look of this cool black box is designed for convenience with a keypad in the center. The keypad is backed by foam that avoids damages to the keys and the welded steel look imparts the impression of toughness at an affordable price.

Access the gun

Accessing the safe is quite tech-savvy with the electronic lock that has been installed in it. It is quite easy to set up a pin that uses a combination of the numbers. The access code can be changed by using the button at the back of the safe wherein you can put a code lengthening from 3 to 8 digits. It also offers a time out period in case a wrong code has been entered on more than three consecutive attempts. In addition to these, the safe also has backlit biometric fingerprint lock that provides access up to 20 fingerprints. So, even if you forget the code, you can unlock the safe using the fingerprint. However, the fingerprint must be registered before setting up the code.

The other features of the Stack-On PDS-1500 model involve low battery warning system and a backup key to access your gun if the codes are changed and do not match. Although this drawer safe is not the most powerful and robust gun safe, its good quality construction makes it a value for money choice.

A vast majority of consumers have been very happy with this drawer and one can see for themselves with the ratings and reviews that it has received on Amazon. By far, the only issue that some of the consumers mentioned, is that it could be opened with a paper clip but the manufacturers have been constantly stating that it has been fixed. However, keeping your family away from any sort of harm is possible if you buy this gun safe and use it to stack a firearm safely.

Here’s what you need to know about Stack-On PDS-1500