An angler often makes use of fish finding devices that will assist him when fishing at a large water body with great depth. Humminbird ice35 is one such fish finder device that is greatly used by angler nowadays. With the help of the unique features of this device, anglers are able to carry out fishing efficiently and faster. This Humminbird ice 35 review will educate you about the pros and cons of this device if you are considering buying it. Read further to know the same.


Dual- beam sonarHumminbird ice 35 review

Compared to other models of Humminbird fish finders, this model is very basic and is also the most affordable. This device has a standard flasher which is ideal for down dropping or ice fishing. The device runs as a dual beam sonar finder so anglers can make use of two sonar beams; one at 240 kHz and the other at 455 kHz.

Xi 9 19 transducer

The ice-type ABS transducer called Xi 9 19 transducer comes along with this product and features a conical shape. It has a 2.4m cable and a stabilizing floater also comes equipped with the device. The transducer has two conical beams, in which the narrower beam covers 9⁰ for 455 kHz while the other beam has a wider coverage of about 19⁰ for 240 kHz frequency per unit. By using the button on the device, you can easily and quickly swap the beams when needed.

Depth capability and 3-color fiber optic display

The device has a depth capability of 200 ft, so if you fish under this depth range, then this device is an excellent choice for you. Also, it features a 3-color fiber optic display which is divided into 526 segments. The red, orange and green segments of the display indicate strong, medium and low-intensity returns respectively. Therefore, you can use it to detect movement of any fish, debris, or your jig.

Range dial

There is a range dial equipped on this device which shows 4 distinct ranges: x1, x2, x4 and x10. The ranges are present on the display of the device in form of three circles and will help you get an idea about water depth, your jig’s depth and also when the fishes enter the transducer beam.

Humminbird ice 35 comes with a swivel plastic mount with a top handle allowing you to easily carry it around with you wherever you go. Also, you can expect a 12V 7AMP battery and charger to come with the device. The battery is said to last for 8 to 12 hours.

Since the aim of this Humminbird ice 35 review is to familiarize you with the product completely, following are some of the drawbacks of this product that you should know before purchasing it.


Since this device is not a CHIRP or Dual Beam Plus sonar, it can only run one frequency at a time and also one frequency per beam. The other drawback is that you cannot read the water temperatures with the Xi 9 19 transducer that is equipped in the device nor does it include a temperature sensor. The device doesn’t have a GPS or any navigation features nor does it have a digital display. So, you have to rely on readings of hard returns from the optic display.

Also, although the device has a depth capability of 200 ft, some anglers reported that the device stops working properly below 120 ft. Therefore, if you are planning to fish below that depth, then it is better that you purchase other models of Humminbird ice fish finder.


So, to conclude this Humminbird ice 35 review, the device is suitable for you if you are looking for a device to provide you with a little support during your fishing venture. It has all the basic features that one might need, works perfectly and is comparatively affordable than the other Humminbird devices. But if you are looking for some advanced technological features and systems in your fish finder device, then it is a good idea to consider other Humminbird ice fish finder devices which have upgraded features.


Humminbird Ice 35 Review: A Good Device For Anglers Looking For Devices For Basic Fish Finding Purposes