There are various factors which affect the quality of any electric violin. In order to give electric violin reviews to them we need to go through the various factors which affect them. By considering factors like cost, durability and sound we have reviewed different types of them.

Here is the list of some violins-electric violin reviews

  • Barcus berry vibrato– this one was designed in Europe factory and was given its final touch in the United States. The top part of this violin is carved by hand. It is made of hardwearing wood. Whether you are playing it in neutral or have plugged it to amplified it guarantee you a beautiful sound. But the only drawback it has is that it takes a long time to set up.
  • Kinglos colored intermediate-A – it is so beautifully designed that you will fall for it. You will like to buy it before even playing a demo. It has a floral pattern. It has a four-metre-long cable. The drawback which this violin holds is that it is not herculean.
  • Yamaha teardrop natural– it has a very simple and elegant design. It not only looks cool but it also produces a very clean sound. It has a very high-quality pickup. It is made up of six types of wood. The drawback that it holds is that it does not come with a bow.
  • Kinglos 4/4– this one gives you ample of choice as this one comes in wide colours and designs. It is an affordable one as it has a very reasonable price. It runs on nine-volt battery, it has a shoulder rest attached to it.
  • Yamaha SV 200– it has a very sleek design. It is very much user friendly, even if you have never played an electronic instrument u will be very comfortable in playing this one. It has a cable jack; two equalization mode is there.
  • Bunnel next natural– it is a sophisticated wood made instrument which is very durable. It comes with a lifetime warranty. It does not require assembly and it comes with rosin.
  • Wood stingray– this one has a very unique shape and it is very lightweight too this means it is easy to carry. For the beginners it is a very friendly device. It is an ergonomic design which minimizes strain. It is very good for those players who have short arms.
  • NS design Amberburst– it is designed very uniquely. It has a very impressive sound quality which leads to its higher price, it weighs six pounds. It holds a drawback which is that does not become completely silent even when it is unplugged.

Why to go for electric violin

it was first produced in the late 1920s, but has now become very popular. This instrument can be a great add on to orchestra, or can be a very good part of rock band music. It is a very versatile instrument, due to its versatility the electric violin be a good part in school for teachers as well as for the doesn’t make sound that has a very high pitch and thereby making it easier for the one who wants to practice easier without creating any disturbance in the neighbourhood.


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