Instant Pot Duo Plus can be used to get eggs, rice, yogurt or cake cooked or baked as per our wishes. As it has all the settings option like timings, temperature and many others which are all programmed and displayed on the LCD screen which again does not let us guess about timings and temperatures and moisture presence. It has a lining of stainless steel on its inner wall while on the outer wall have a durable construction. It has programs controlled by a maximum of fifteen microprocessors. Read more for Instant Pot Duo Plus review:

Advantages of Instant Pot Duo Plus:Instant Pot Duo Plus review

  • It is constructed from metals with high-grade quality and durable features. It has a lid made up of stainless steel from inside and also has a pot on the inner side along with 3-ply bottom. The inner wall is resistant to fingerprint and stain as it does not let food get smeared on the wall. Its lid holder is made for both kinds of a user such as right-handed users and left-handed users.
  • Cleaning all the components along with steam rack having handles is easy and friendlier in a dishwasher.
  • It has proven effective to utilize energy and does not let waste much energy.
  • It has an LCD screen which is very interactive and easy to understand even for one who is new to technologies.
  • It includes all the option including one to keep food warm and automated cooking.
  • It is capable to cook varieties of food from stews, broths to soups and rice. It makes one do multitask as he or she can do other things whereas Instant Pot Duo Plus would be cooking food as per instructions were given to it through LCD screen. Even it helps you maintain pressure like high pressure for meats and low pressure for delicate foods.
  • It is reliable and safe as regulating pressure so as it does not reach safety limit and safety lock does not let lid open without prior knowledge to a user and also it is programmed in such a way that it keeps track of lid to know and to let a user know if it is in a safe position. It is also programmed to cut its supply of electricity if it reaches or crosses a safety limit. It does user know if any kind of failure whether it is related to controls or cooks or power.
  • Cook time gets reduced by 70% and food gets cooked faster in a healthier way which does not let user wait longer for food to taste it.
  • It has 10 mechanisms which have been tested and proven to be safe.
  • It also comes with measuring soup, serving spoon, recipe booklet, and soup spoon.

Disadvantages of Instant Pot Duo Plus:

  • As per all reviews from some users, it has been seen that its seal is not that strong as required.
  • Cooking varieties of food in the same pot leads to cake smelling like meat or fish.

Of all the Instant Pot Duo Plus review, it has been seen that Instant Pot Duo Plus is much more convenient and reliable and more importantly capable to cook varieties of food. And not only it cooks 70% faster but due to its programmed controls, it lets user others task while food gets cooked.

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